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CloudTrade provides a non-disruptive way for trading partners to send electronic invoices, orders and other business documents, straight into your processing application.

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The easiest way to remove paper invoices

With most e-invoice, e-trading and EDI service providers, technical, process and financial barriers impact the success of supplier adoption. As a result, paper remains and the expected benefits fail to materialise.

CloudTrade is different. CloudTrade removes the barriers to electronic invoicing for suppliers. More paper is removed, in a shorter time frame than any other e-invoicing approach. Guaranteed.

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  • No Technical Change
    We don't ask your suppliers to change their systems to send EDI or XML.
  • No Process Change
    We don't ask your suppliers to log onto a portal to submit their invoice or order.
  • No Supplier Charges
    We don't charge an organisation to send their invoices or orders to you.
  • High supplier adoption
    Typically >90%
  • Fast e-invoicing adoption
    Suppliers live by their next invoice

So, how does it work?

Step 1

Let suppliers know your e-Invoice email address

Step 2

Supplier sends PDF invoice or other document (e.g. HTML, XML, EDI)

Step 3

Incoming PDF or other data document converted into e-invoice structure (no OCR)

Step 3b

For the long tail of suppliers who provide just a few invoices a year our Cloud Capture service converts image & data invoice files - using OCR where needed - into e-Invoice structures

Step 4

Validated e-Invoice received into your environment ready for processing

High Supplier Adoption Guaranteed!

Free for suppliers, easy to use and non-disruptive - invoice submission options that maximise the adoption of e-invoicing in your supply chain.

Did you know?
When an application generates a PDF, in almost all instances it will be a text PDF. CloudTrade reads the document text straight from the PDF without the use of OCR – which guarantees 100% quality.

PDF invoicing is easy to use and out-of-the-box with most accounting packages. As a result, >90% of suppliers (irrespective of shape or size!) when asked will send PDF invoices.

Did you know?
Though XML and EDI is a great vehicle once set up, it often requires the supplier to make costly and difficult changes to their billing application and infrastructure to send them.

These changes can restrict all but the largest organisations with the budget and invoice volumes needed to justify the changes.

For those suppliers who prefer this method, we will map their data to your preferred structure.

Did you know?
A supplier portal is great for many things, though creating an invoice is rarely one of them. If a supplier already uses an accounting application, the question must be asked: "why would they want to duplicate effort and raise their invoice in the accounting package, then do it again in a 3rd party portal?"

Though CloudTrade integrates with a number of free-to-use invoice portals, this method of invoice submission is rarely liked by suppliers.

Did you know?
Although we strive to move all suppliers onto electronic invoice submission, the reality is that a small percentage of invoices may stubbornly remain on paper.

By asking the supplier to scan their invoice and email - or where not possible requesting the buyer to do the same - our Cloud Capture service can convert the image files using OCR into an e-invoice structure.

Trusted by small and large businesses alike

CloudTrade exceeded our expectations - in just 6 weeks they were able to convert 90% of the suppliers we asked them to - equating to 80% of our invoices - from paper to e-invoicing.

— Peter Conlan, Finance Director, AD Group

We are delighted - not only is it simple, great technology, but CloudTrade is a flexible and approachable company to work with. They have been able to adapt to meet our requirements and those of our clients. We look forward to working together in the future.

— Jussi Karjalainen, Vice President of Financial Solutions in Asia, Converga

By utilising CloudTrade, we have been able to reduce our operating costs by over 70%, as well as improving timeliness.

— Rod Edwards, CEO, Parseq


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